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David watched it…. was it good?

30 Rock (2006 – 2013)

For some reason 30 Rock never appealed to me until recently when I was clicking through Netflix’s watch instant sitcoms. Netflix said I would like it 4 stars and Netflix is rarely wrong and with TV shows I have a 5-6 episode policy where if I’m not entertained enough by then I’m out. This has bit me in the ass before… (Parks and Recreation Season 1 but don’t worry I came back while the 3rd season was airing and love that show now.) This was not the case with 30 Rock at all.

I know for some I’m not breaking new ground here but 30 Rock is a smart and extremely well done comedy. Tina Fey who plays Liz Lemon and Tracy Morgan who plays Tracy Jordan are excellent as the head writer and talent of The Girlie Show aka TGS. TGS is a SNL-like sketch comedy show Tracy stars in with co-star to a lesser extreme Jenna Maroney played by Jane Krakowski. Alec Baldwin plays Jack Donaghy the new network exec. and Liz’a boss with a suitcase full of relationship and mother issues. Scott Adsit, Judah Friedlander, and Jack McBrayer also play very entertaining roles on this hit show.

The show often carries a storyline from episode to episode and stays consistently well written through the entire season. If you haven’t watched this show yet and was hesitant like I was… get to it! Netflix has 6 seasons up now and the 7th and final season is airing now on NBC at 7 pm central. It is also available on Hulu Plus on a laptop or computer, the iPhone app. will not work for this show yet.

Number of Seasons – 7

Rating – A

Recommend it – Yes